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Featured Bible Activities

Bible Phrase Puzzle - Joseph Helped the King and Will Help Me

Joseph Helped the King Word Tiles

This word tiles exercise is fun, and it emphasizes a key principle in the story of Joseph in Egypt. God helped Joseph—and He will help each boy and girl who loves Him as … Read More »

Bible Coloring Page and Color by Number - Joseph Helped Pharaoh in Egypt

Joseph Helped Pharaoh Color by Number

Joseph helped the king of Egypt, but he really was serving God. Give this color by number activity to your kids and let them have fun with it! It will help them visualize … Read More »


Spot the Differences for Joseph Helped the King

A sharp eye is needed to find all the differences between these two pictures of Joseph in Egypt. Joseph was a wonderful planner and supervisor, wasn’t he? God blessed him … Read More »

Latest Preschool and Children’s Ministry Articles

Child Praying—Easter Lily in bkgnd

Can They Really Understand?

Talking to Preschoolers and Children About Easter: Part 1 Easter is a special time of year for believers. We marvel at God’s love, which He expressed … Read More »

Child Praying—Easter Lily in bkgnd

What Do I Say?

Talking to Preschoolers and Children About Easter: Part 2 What do preschoolers and young children need to be taught about Easter? First realize they … Read More »

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Latest Bible Topic Articles


Wipe Off

In Genesis 6:7, the Lord declared, “I will wipe off from the face of the earth mankind, whom I created, together with the animals, creatures that … [Read More...]


Jesus’ Resurrection: “Don’t Cling to Me” (John 20:17)

When Mary recognized Jesus early on the day of His resurrection, she apparently threw her arms around Him. He responded by saying, “Don’t cling to me, … [Read More...]

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