Bible Activities About "Jesus Healed 10 Lepers"

In Luke 17:11-19, ten men with serious skin problems—problems we could classify broadly as leprosy today—met Jesus and asked Him to show them mercy. He directed them to go show themselves to the priests in keeping with the Levitical law (see Lev. 14:1-3). The men were healed as went. Surely they were overjoyed, but only one of them—a Samaritan—returned to thank Jesus and to give glory to God. Jesus commended the man: "Your faith has made you well" (Luke 17:19). This man's example challenges us today to be grateful men and women, boys and girls. The activities below afford children opportunities to learn about this event in Jesus' ministry as they engage in fun assignments that highlight the story's themes and lessons.


Healing Match Game

Playing a match game depecting elements of the story of Jesus’ healing the 10 healed lepers helps children see the need to express thanks to God.


Finding Jesus: The Leper’s Maze

Finding the right path in a maze about the 10 lepers Jesus healed gives children a fun activity to do while learning about the importance of gratitude.