Bible Activities About "The Wise Men"

In Matthew 2:1-12 we read of wise men who came to visit Jesus as a child. They followed a star, but they also asked for directions along the way. When he heard that these men from the east were coming to worship the newly born King of the Jews, King Herod was furious. He tried to trick the wise men into returning to Him so he also could worship this newborn King (or so he claimed)—but after the wise men visited Jesus and honored Him, God directed them to bypass Herod on their trip home. This account from the earliest years of Jesus' life is dramatic and suspenseful—and full of lessons about God's sovereignty, power, and love. The activities below highlight the moment when the wise men bowed before Jesus and gave Him gifts, and they provide fun activities for children to do as they learn about these wealthy men who honored and worshiped God's Son.


The Wise Men Coloring Page

Coloring a picture of the wise men’s kneeling will help children understand that the wise men came to worship Jesus.


Wise Men Crossword Puzzle

This simple crossword about the story of the wise men helps children learn key themes in the story.


Wise Men Word Search

Finding key words in this word search activity helps children understand various aspects of the story of the wise men’s visit to worship Jesus.


Wise Men Hidden Pictures

Finding the hidden items in this picture of the wise men gives children a fun activity to do as they learn that the wise men worshiped Jesus.


Travel With the Wise Men: Maze

Helping the wise men find the child Jesus by working this maze helps children understand that the wise men had to travel to see Jesus.


Wise Men Match Game

This match game about the wise men’s visit to worship Jesus helps children learn the key elements of the story.