Bible Activities About Gratitude

Gratitude is a perspective that affirms appreciation for the blessings one has. From a biblical perspective, it includes a realization that such blessings come from God, despite a failure to deserve such benefits. Preschoolers and children, of course, cannot understand the concept of gratitude this broadly, but they can be reminded of the importance of having and expressing appreciation to God for every blessing. By highlighting gratitude in the lives of various Bible characters, the activities below introduce and reinforce the idea of its importance in the life of every man and woman, boy and girl.


Healing Match Game

Playing a match game depecting elements of the story of Jesus’ healing the 10 healed lepers helps children see the need to express thanks to God.


Finding Jesus: The Leper’s Maze

Finding the right path in a maze about the 10 lepers Jesus healed gives children a fun activity to do while learning about the importance of gratitude.


Jesus Is Alive! Hidden Pictures

As children find hidden images in this picture of Jesus as He appeared to Mary on the first Easter, they have fun and see what it means for Jesus to be alive.


Jesus Is Alive! Word Search

As children find words in this word search activity, they learn some of the key themes of the Easter story.

Jesus_is Alive_Jigsaw_Puzzle

Jesus Is Alive! Jigsaw Puzzle

This jigsaw puzzle is a fun activity for children to do as they learn that Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to Mary.